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Java Horoscope

Welcome in the java horoscope. Java horoscope is a part of culture from forefather at Java region in Indonesia. Based on the date of birth at human : date, month, years, and (“weton“ is day and (“pasaran”is date of time everyday. it can change everyday. Its : kliwon, legi, paing, pon, and wage).

There is Pranata Mangsa as zodiac in java horoscope according to time of birth; Kaso (june 23 – august 2), Karo (august 3 – august 25), Katelu (august 26 – september 18), Kapat (september 19 – october 13), Kalima (october14 – november 9), Kanem (november 10 – december 22), Kapitu (december 23 – february 3), Kawolu (february 4/5 – march 1), Kasanga (march 2 – march 26), Kasadasa (march 27 – april 19), Desta (april 20 – may 12), and Saddha (may 13 – june 22).

Every pranata mangsa is represented and influenced by world of Wayang; Batara Antaboga and Batari Nagagini, Batara Sakri, Batara Kamajaya and Batari Ratih, Batara Wisnu, Batara Asmara, Batara Guru, Batara Endra, Batara Brama, Batara Bayu, Batara Bisma, Batara Yamadipati, Batara Sadana and Batari Sri.

In java horoscope, you can ask several questions based on the pranata mangsa about:

image001 Weton based on your date of birth, to know the secret of the birth about two questions what you want to ask

image001 The expression of universe situation based on the birth

image001 Influenced from world of wayang based on the birth

image001 Physical situation

image001 Child time situation

image001 Teenager time situation

image001 Special characteristic

image001 Friendship connection

image001 Health situation

image001 Agreement of job

image001 Occupation

image001 livelihood / Subsistence / Financial

image001 Right moment for doing something

image001 Hobby

image001 Matching of a couple

image001 Gem stone

image001 Colors matching

image001 Flower

image001 Nature symbol

image001 Animal symbol

image001 Parable of life

image001 Bad position / place

image001 Human characteristic from the baby who just born (need to know : hour, day, month, and year of the birth).

image001 Prediction with current age

image001 Level of subsistence

image001 Prediction for calculation of couple who just married

image001 Prediction for calculation of the name and resident

image001 Prediction for calculation to build a house / resident

image001 Good and bad date or day to do desire (per- year)

image001 Prediction for calculation to move to another house

image001 Means of the name

image001 Choose the good name for the baby (you have to recommend give several names that will be chosen)

image001 Prediction for calculation direction of the house


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  1. good prediction

  2. The traditional classification in the West, which goes back to the Ancient Greeks, begins with a distinction between precious and semi-precious stones; similar distinctions are made in other cultures. In modern usage the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious.,

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